Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oakland County Greenhouse 1-17-2013

Bed #2 with blooming peas

Edible Nasturtium flowers
The greenhouse beds, with the exception of the seedlings, continue to grow well. The aphids are finally under control and have virtually disappeared. I decided to spray anyway for the few aphids that were left. Using an insecticidal soap.

Peas flowers
Bed #1 pretty well picked over

The peppery nasturtiums have finally started to flower, as have the peas. The pea variety , "Sugar Sprint", a veryearly variety at 55 days - has finally started to bear at 90 plus days. I tell you, this greenhouse is kept so chilly, even the peas are slow!  But, Vicki, Pam and I have been supplied with salad greens so far this winter. The tomatoes have barely grown an inch, I think I am going to pot them up and take them to my greenhouse once it's built.

  By the way, Greenhouse #2 is coming tomorrow! It is a small 6x8 aluminum and polycarbonate house that I am putting in my tiny, already packed backyard. Pam will be coming by on Saturday to help me start to put it up. The feedback on-line says it takes about 4-5 hours to put up, so I figure we'll have it built in two weeks! Am so excited to put it to use. Ordered cyclamen, gerbera and pansies for it and I'm trying to produce something for market by Valentine's Day. It is a longshot, but at least we'll get a start on growing some flowers for market.

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