Sunday, January 20, 2013

In the works - Greenhouse #2

The mess of the build greenhouse #2
Greenhouse #2 is in the works! So glad - this one is in my backyard, 6x8 - roomy enough for starting seedlings and overwintering tender plants. Came from Harbor Freight Tools and was inexpensive. Not as well built or as strong as the first greenhouse, but it is extruded aluminum with double glazed polycarbonate panels for walls. I'm excited to move the small houseplants, which have outgrown their space in my tiny kitchen, and all the bloomed out amaryllis to the space once it is done.

Detail of base
Pam, friend Paul and I spent yesterday getting the base frame built and put up the framing. This time , directions were in Engliah, but there were few diagrams to help us. Paul knocked it out - with a few arguments from me....

Corner view
The base is sturdy and, once attached, this baby is not going anywhere. The base is treated 2x12 with a 4x6 on top. The greenhouse gets attached to the 4x6- which, by the way, are heavy! Pam and I did our best to shim it up and try to get it level. It's close. Got to run the electrical cord under the base and then fill the base with gravel.

Pam an Paul - hiding from camera - working
Paul working on door framing
It really wasn't too hard to build - just had to have a lot of helpers to hold the sides up while you are trying to stabilize them. Today, Paul and I will put the panels in and it should be a done deal, save for the gravel. Have bought two 3-tier shelving units to go in it - each will hold about six flats. I also have an eight foot propagation mat - enough for 9 flats on the opposite wall and I'll put an eight foot bench over that. So this little house will be filled up quickly.

Meanwhile the first greenhouse is empty. Vicki is a bit loathe to put the heat on so soon and I'm inclined to agree. Single digit temperatures are predicted for the next couple of weeks so, I think we'll fire it up in February. Oh, after I write that I take it all back! Pam and I will be shoveling the gravel into it this next Wednesday and we plan on starting some greens seedlings while we wait for the gravel truck. We'll have to fire the heater up then... Just want to keep the heat high enough so it won't go much lower than 50F for nighttime temperatures. All the greens I'll be growing are cool-season crops and can take a bit of chill.

Trying to get the greens going for market sales. I want to sell bags of baby organic lettuces for about $3 or $3.50 at the Oakland County and Old Winery Markets. I have a space for the Old Winery Market reserved for April so I'm shooting for that.

Meanwhile I've ordered some color. Want to try Cyclamen and Gerbera for the first time and try to get something going for Valentine's Day - but it is a longshot. Have ordered a mix of Gerbera, Cyclamen and Pansies to pot up and grow on. And Pam thought she'd be retired for the winter! The flowers should come in a week or so. I've tried to stress the urgency of the order to my sales rep - but we'll see. Had to buy cell trays with quite a few plants, so we'll be moving those to Vicki's once we get them potted.

Exciting happenings at the new and growing Sage Advice Nursery!

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  1. Yay for the Greenhouse. I enjoy mine so.


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