Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dumped the gravel...finished the floor!

Whew! The day started out at a bitter two degrees above zero and topped out at 17F, but today we worked outside and shoveled gravel to finish the floor in the greenhouse. We switched off shoveling and dumping with raking duties. It only took us less than an hour and a half to move a yard and a half of pea gravel. Wow! We are good!

Lounging after the work

Pam at rest

The gravel looked like a mountain and when half of the greenhouse floor was covered, we still had a huge pile...But, we shoveled and dumped, shoveled and dumped and voila! The stuff got moved.

Pam and I rested at the end of the day and kept pinching ourselves to think we built this. Now it is time to fill it.

Finally got an order in for cyclamen, gerbera and pansies and we'll be starting greens seeds on Saturday, when the weather is supposed to moderate a bit. Here we go...can't wait until spring!

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