Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another productive day

Completing greenhouse #2
Detail of roof vent
Detail of panel clip
Missing panel
Today was a good day. Spent most of the morning and afternoon putting in panels in my new Harbor Freight 6x8 greenhouse. The roof vents were a bit buggery but I finally got them sealed. Paul is coming back tomorrow to finish off the vents....he put the handles in backwards.

Above is a shot of the panel clips. They were a bit challenging to get the hang of - but once I did it went along smoothly. Hope they hold in some wind - on the web many people were saying that with any wind the panels blow out and that they should be caulked in. We'll see.

The view from the kitchen

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  1. You can order extra clips from Harbor Freight, not expensive. Caulk in addition to extra clips should hold the panels. Some people add a metal screw; we didn't.


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