Saturday, January 26, 2013

First day working in the greenhouse

Me filling seed trays
Today was cold outside but balmy in the greenhouse. First, Pam and I went to the big Oakland County greenhouses to water and fertilize and to take soil and markers to Vicki's - greenhouse 1. Was our first day working in Greenhouse #1 and it was a balmy 58 with the heat going. It was 25F outside but lovely, take your coat off weather inside. Fired up the space heater and started filling seed flats. The objective is to grow fresh greens for the winter market to sell. Sowed spinach, mesclun, lettuces, golden purslane, and a few other greens. Am hoping they'll grow in the flats as a cut and come again crop. If they are still good by the end of the season we can plant them outside in the nursery bed just back of the greenhouse. So many plans!
Pam filling flats

Fired up the heater in my greenhouse - greenhouse #2  and it went down to a reasonable 44F last night. Fired up the seedling mat that I purchased from a chicken place - meant for incubating eggs. It is kind of cool - just a mylar piece with electric running through it. Went to the OC greenhouse and got 9 seedling  trays that had not sprouted yet to see if I can bump them into growth at my little house.

Pam basking in the winter sunshine
We then loaded primrose, sweet william and daffodils into the van for me to take to Vicki's tomorrow back at my house. I'll take them into greenhouse #2 and see if I can coax them into growth. Lunch and a coffee break were in order and after we took dog, Griffin, for a walk we had a little nip of homemade Kahlua. Man do I take care of my employees or what? A good day was had by all!

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