Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's finished!

Amen! The greenhouse is finally finished! Hired friend Paul Manning to do the last engineering on the greenhouse. Paul is good at figuring out things on the fly - he works on farm equipment - without a manual - for a living. We had to disassemble to doors and put them back together and had to buy a few more bits of hardware to complete the project but - sigh of relief - It's done!

Paul finishing the roof vents
The greenhouse is really quite a large growing space - friend Janet suggested we put in a couple of chaise lounges and have one of those tall drinks with the umbrella in it until the space fills up. It will be such a blessing to have a space to get out of the weather, to keep tender things growing in the winter and to generally enjoy. Vicki's neighbors wondered if she is taking up growing wacky tobacco. I told her she should take them on a tour through it and sell some plants to them. The more customers the merrier - and curious neighbors are a great start!

Have a min/max thermometer coming and I still need to bolt the greenhouse to the ground. That's next step for Tuesday with Pam. Buying some threaded rods I can cut to length and a wing nut to go on the clips for the greenhouse frame.Vicki brought out a solar light and I think we will put it inside the greenhouse. It will come in handy for those early dark mornings when I am trying to load stock. I think the seedlings may come to the house earlier than I anticipated because they are keeping the Oakland County greenhouse so cold. Am moving the seedlings Tuesday to an interior bed and covering them with frost cloth to try and gain a few degrees of heat.

Paul working on the greenhouse
Now we will need to order a load of pea gravel to put down for flooring. I'd like to keep the floor dry with a layer of gravel over the weed mat. So one step at a time it is nearing completion - and ready for plants. Thinking of digging up the tomatoes that are in the bed at Oakland County and potting them into two gallons and seeing if I can get some early tomatoes. They are suffering so from the cold. They have turned purple as they can't take up any phosphorus - so I've been fertilizing regularly

Tomorrow I go to the Oakland County greenhouse - need to fertilize the garden beds. Will take a harvest - as I am out of salad greens , thin and water. I might sow some more lettuces in the beds by the vents, have been trying to get enough to harvest and take to market. Bagged , fresh organic greens should be able to find someone who will want them for a good price. Will also be ordering some cyclamen and cineraria to grow on - trying  to get something to offer for Valentine's day - but I don't know if I have enough time.


  1. Yay for the Greenhouse completion! Chaise lounges sound great, BUT there will be too much in view that you'll have to hop up and do, like bump up seedlings to bigger pots, pinching tops and answering the plants who are calling for water.

    In my opinion, 5 gallon buckets are better for tomatoes, 2 gallon are fine for eggplants and peppers.

  2. Thanks for your input! I say two gallon because that's what I have and I've resolved to stop spending so much!


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