Monday, December 3, 2012

TAH DAH! We're done!

The final potting awaiting shipment to Vicki's

FINALLY! We have seen light at the end of the tunnel and Pam and I have finished our last potting of the year. We did a record 235 pots in less than 3 hours yesterday and got all the pots safely potted up and watered in. Now comes another day of nursery work, taking the pots to Vicki's - probably about three loads, and tidying up and cleaning up the nursery for the winter. Pam is going to organize the potting area while I attack the mess that is inside the shed. I'd like to find enough room to put the mower in there and take the Christmas tree out for decorating. We have achieved! What a great feeling and a good way to wrap up year's end.

Work isn't over though, just on hiatus until January. Meanwhile, the greenhouse continues to grow and blossom a spectacular crop of greens and aphids. I sprayed this week in an effort to knock down the little pesky creatures. Used Neem oil as it is approved organic

Started the website about a month ago and very pleased with the results. Got to update it though, since I don't think I am going to go to many markets this December. Ready to take the holiday season off and was so disappointed with the results of selling at the Oakland County Flea Market. No one bought any of the nursery stuff, all they bought was Mom's old CD's.
Margaret with pots at Vicki's

Poor Skipper, my horse has not been ridden for weeks. I fell off in a freak accident a couple of weeks ago and think I cracked some ribs. They have been so sore. Finally I got an ace bandage to wrap them up for work today. Friend Janet Macunovich also cracked a rib and was recommending it. I hope to be on the mend real soon and will get back to it when the snow flies. Winter riding in the snow can be magical.

After January first, we'll start seeding in the greenhouse. Got a ton of seeds to sow, probably 50 varieties and want to give it a try. Was so successful with them in the nursery this summer that I am inundated with foxglove and sweet william. I know some of the other perennials are a bit harder to germinate but we'll see what happens. Currently I have some replacement vegetables and herbs in flats at the greenhouse to be put in pots or to fill up spaces in the beds.,
Pam triumphant about potting her last pots
Hope the holidays aren't too stressful for you. The time is better spent with family and friends enjoying a slower pace and reflecting upon the year that has gone past. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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