Friday, December 7, 2012

Big happenings at the nursery

We are expanding rapidly. Vicki has consented to put up a greenhouse in her backyard, so I went to measure. First had plans for a 20 x 60 foot greenhouse. Measured the area. No, maybe a 20 x 48. Well, Vicki went and called the township and found out you can only put up a 20 x 10 foot greenhouse and have to obey all setbacks. Oh well, not to be set back I have gone ahead and ordered a 10 x 20 Harvest hobby aluminum and polycarbonate 4 season greenhouse, heater, landscape fabric and pins. It will take a lot of pot moving since I want to put it where all the pots are now, but it will be worth it. I now can grow cyclamen for the February markets and hold the tender seedlings in there in March and April. I think it is a good investment and oh my gosh I have always wanted my own greenhouse - even though it is in someone else's backyard!.

We have also purchased two new garden plots at the greenhouse. I got two of the handicap enabled bed by the front door for ease of access. Since they are at waist height it should be great for starting the seedlings in trays as we won't have to be bending over the beds all day. I have what seems like a million seeds coming in to grow so all this extra room is a godsend. We'll be able to get a lot more nice and interesting plants out to you, my customers this year. And of course we'll save a few for the display gardens as well.

Vicki is really on board with being Sage Advice location 2. We are going to really improve her gardens next year and we're talking about putting up some raised beds in the front yard to grow vegetables. I'd like to start offering some organically grown produce at the market - so this is my first year trying to figure out how I can do that economically. Ordered some ziplock bags from the dollar store to put the greens in I'm going to harvest off of greenhouse bed 2 and hope to be selling them for 3-4 dollars at the market this winter. Have been keeping 3 household in salad greens so far this year. Wow every time I eat a green salad I just feel like I am getting healthier!
Pam with the two new greenhouse beds.
Margaret with greenhouse bed 1

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  1. I am so excited about your expansion's Margaret! These changes will mean fresh produce for our customers far & wide! Earlier starts equal more sales and continuing to reach into new markets. A Greenhouse in my yard, raised beds, and less mowing for me, it's a beautiful thing.

    Sage Advice is growing by leaps and bounds, your creativity and out look into the future are amazing! Raising my coffee mug to you and Sage Advice for continued growth, health and prosperity!


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