Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Saga Begins - putting up the greenhouse

10x20' landscape cloth
The journey begins. I didn't know how hard it would be. After about four hours in the cold and wet trying to put the greenhouse together today - I am exhausted.Vicki was great - she was the organizer - getting us parts and pawing through the boxes for parts. Pam was a trouper, not having done anything like this before, she was intimidated a bit. I was the mover - saying "no, let me do it", but, after all the work we got one half of one end wall done and the two dutch doors.

First, we measured out the landscape cloth and put it into the ground with landscape staples - big 6-8" u-shaped pieces of thick wire. Then we opened all the long boxes, looking for the instructions. No writing, just diagrams.

Vicki pawing through the cartons

Vicki went to work - took the instructions and set about finding the parts for the first project. It began to drizzle, a steady, cold rain. It was about 45 degrees but felt more like 35. We all set to work, with one putting together while another found parts, while another worked the instructions. Glad we had as many people as we did. I'd still be opening the cartons had I done this alone.
Pam putting together parts.

Mug shot : Margaret

Mug shot: Pam

Mug shot: Vicki
We finished the doors and I deemed it time for a coffee break. Above are all our "Mug Shots"... After the coffee break - me with wet knees and all of us getting tired and soggy, we went about assembling the end wall. After what seemed like a lot of trial and error. We finally snapped together the last piece of half of the end wall. We now need to open up the boxes of panels and start inserting those. We decided to call it a day, glad we did as when Pam and I drove home it began to rain in earnest. Whew! What a day. Pam and I will be back at it on Wednesday and I hope experience has taught us a bit and it will get a tad easier.

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