Sunday, December 30, 2012

Almost - but not quite there yet

The unfinished project
My goodness, spent Saturday in the snow with a few good friends and some extra help. Pamela Epler, Vicki Landsman Peterson, her son Michael Peterson and friend Thomas Gentile wound up in the cold and snow working some more on the greenhouse. We thought we had it built - because it looked like the directions, but realized it was too short and we had a lot of extra pieces left over. We got the greenhouse looking just like the diagram, but thanks to the inscrutable Chinese directions we realized that there should be more length to it. With help from two guys with very good spatial relationship skills we finally got the six bays put together. I was ready to fold and put all the pieces in  the garage and wait until spring, but was talked out of it by the crew.

Me with part of the crew

Several frozen feet and hands later we, with a lot of help from the taller guys got it standing and put together - quite an accomplishment for any time of year.

Vicki, Pam and Michael with the standing greenhouse!

Glad we may only have one more Saturday - with help from the guys and I think we will be finished. Still waiting for my greenhouse to come in. I think we will be shoveling quite a bit of snow to put that one up - we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

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