Saturday, December 8, 2012

First seeding of perennials

Tiny seeds of Goatsbeard
Today went to the greenhouse and made my first sowings of perennials.All of the seeds were from  Specialty seeds. I like their generous seed count, low prices, unique varieties and no-nonsense sowing directions on each packet. Sowed 36 cells of each variety, but most of the seeds were so small that I dropped several seeds per cell. Did 19 varieties from Heuchera or coral bells to Gypsophila or Baby's Breath. Tried to grow things in more colors than blue, since I am such a fan of blue in the garden - but there were a few varieties - Bellflowers, Columbines, Great Blue Lobelia and Delphiniums.

A forest of labels

It took me several hours to complete the tedious dropping of seeds, but Pam and I will be going back to the greenhouse on Wednesday to do more sowing. Since we have two garden plots, I figure that is enough space for 60 plus flats apiece - so 120 flats total with about 240 varieties. Whew! We'll have space in the new greenhouse for all the resulting seedlings and Pam and I will have a warm and dry place to work. Looked into cyclamen plants for Valentine's Day today with little success. Will have to shop around more.The paperwhites are doing well and I have decided to go to the Oakland County Farmer's Market on this coming Thursday the 13th - with dish gardens, paperwhites, amaryllis and greens. Come visit me and I'll give you a dollar off coupon!

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