Thursday, December 20, 2012

First babies showing signs of life!

Oh my gosh. I was getting worried. After spending lots of money and time on planting seeds, I saw no sign of life after a week and a half., and that includes rapid germinators like arugula...Finally, yesterday, I saw the sweet green spouts of achillea summer berries and such a promising sign of life it was. I can only surmise that we sowed against the cycle of the moon. Really, I find when I sow at the point where the new moon has just passed, seeds come up quicker. This time we sowed right when the moon was going into its new moon phase and seeds tend to go dormant at that time.

The moon has quite an effect on the life cycles of plants. Root growth tends to be dominant in last quarter, while at new moon all growth tends to go dormant. Top growth becomes stronger as the moon waxes with peak flowering often occurring around full moon. Try observing the lunar cycle in your garden and think about timing some of your garden practices like pruning and seeding with the moon. I think you may be amazed at the results.

Pam and I spent the better part of yesterday working on the greenhouse. After what seemed like a long struggle we finally managed to finish the one endwall of the structure, with Pam praying for results as we went along. I am beginning to pray for the mercy of well-fitting greenhouse parts as well! Hope to get this greenhouse finished before the snow really gets thick. Need the structure for all the babies that are in the greenhouse and I want the greenhouse at my place to house the spring bloomers that I plan to bring to market in late January and February.

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