Friday, December 14, 2012

The seeding continues

Nasturtium foliage
December 13th, Pam and I went to the greenhouse to do some seeding after we moved some of the greenhouse parts to Vicki's. At Vicki's we also had to move all of the pots to the middle of the yard. Much better configuration, now only one large row to cover. At the greenhouse we worked for a couple of hours seeding new perennials and annual fruits from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. It truly is tedious work trying to put one tiny seed in each cell.We then came home to happy hour and consumed some of my homemade Kahlua and cream. Yum!

The greenhouse beds continue to grow and flourish, but the battle against the aphids goes on in earnest. I have been spraying nearly every other day with Neem Oil and made an insecticidal soap. Made the soap from dawn dish detergent and garlic and onion. The vegetables were a bit chunky and have now clogged the sprayer. Geez. It is always a battle.

Greenhouse bed 1

Greenhouse bed 2

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