Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weather Problems

Well, I hope we get all these pots potted up before the snow flies! Pam and I tried to pot this last Sunday and we were faced with freezing conditions and cold. We took a snowy load over to Vicki's and came back raring to go. Pam went to fill the pots and I got a bunch of perennials to use. I took one out of the flat and tried to get it out of its container. No luck, frozen solid. I called Pam and told her no more work for today... SOL.

So we went back to Pam's in Rochester and had a great dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers that her daughter had cooked. Yum. I helped Pam on the computer - she has the use of my laptop and has really never been on a computer before. And, I helped her re-learn knitting. She is a great student.

We also got our portraits taken and both are being used as our facebook profile pictures. I think they came out pretty good!

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