Thursday, November 1, 2012

The new 2013 catalog is available!

Sage Advice Nursery catalog is here!
Well as I look through my grow list I see I am awfully ambitious. I plan on growing over 150 varieties of perennials and groundcovers plus another 22 varieties of herbs. That doesn't even count the miscellaneous varieties I'll add as the season goes along because I just have to have this or that plant.

I am sending the catalog and pre-order form out by e-mail. The pre-order form is for those people who would like to reserve plants for the 2013 season. This doesn't tie you into an order but it gives me a better idea of what to grow and how much. Most of my varieties will be grown in limited quantities as my backyard nursery is so small. Even with the generous offering of friend and employee Vicki's yard the nursery is tiny by anyone's standards.

The catalog is organized by Latin name for each variety. Sorry for those of you who are not fond of Latin, but the common names are sometimes regional and so confusing, learning Latin is just a part of horticulture. The color and bloom height of each variety is noted and in most of the descriptions I have noted bloom time. The list is followed by lists of plants for shade, plants for sun and even plants for cut flowers and hummingbirds You can get the catalog by e-mailing me at or by signing up on the Sage Advice Nursery page on Facebook at I can send anyone a hard copy, but I've got to go out and buy paper and a stapler! Oh boy, it never ends...

Hope you all are well, putting your gardens to bed and starting to dream of spring in 2013. After a week of cloudy weather here in Michigan, I am at least dreaming of some sunshine!

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