Monday, October 29, 2012

First Flea Market at Oakland County

Dried statice and strawflower wreath
So, packed up the van with all kinds of stuff and tried my hand at the Oakland County Flea Market yesterday. Vendors there were really nice and welcoming. If it weren't for the vendors swapping stuff I would have very little to show for my outing.

Foot traffic was really slow - I would say we had 25 cars but the vendor count was up.The vendors told me not to get discouraged, that the foot traffic gets going as the weather gets colder. But, we're competing with the big Dixieland Flea Market right around the corner from us - so I've encouraged the market master to do some more promotion.

Sales were strange. Had a nice selection of nursery stuff - bulbs, houseplants and dried flowers, but the stuff that was selling was my CDs, books, jewelry and yarn! Oh well, at least I sold that, I think I'll raid Mom's house for some more old goodies for next week.

Bulbs at the flea market
Houseplants at the market

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