Friday, October 12, 2012

Up and Growing

Bed 51 continues to grow. Have been meeting people in the community greenhouse - Natalie, the accountant, whose bed is so neatly designed, Linda , the gal who lives in a condo who gets people to help her plant up the bed and Jan, the first timer trying her hand at the greenhouse. The community is starting to gel.

I have said it before but if you have never grown a plant from a seed you have missed one of the true great miracles of the Creator. All my plants are seed grown and they are up and doing their thing. Greens and herbs with golden purslane and siberian kale being a few unusual favorites.

I'm also growing Stevia - the herb with the sweet leaves and I'll try to harvest a few to tuck into my iced tea. The basil is also doing well and if I have a surplus of anything I think I'll take it to the flea market and try and sell it.

Golden Purslane
Siberian Kale

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