Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Greenhouse Garden - Planting Seedlings

Kale and Pak Choi seedlings
The baby seedlings are finally out of quarantine. So last evening went to the greenhouse to plant them up. To the left is a shot of the kale and pak choi seedlings - I'm sure I didn't leave enough space for them and in a few weeks they'll be crowding each other out. The greenhouse was busy last night with a few gardeners planting and watering their pots. Have only talked to a couple of them so far and I don't really feel like I'm part of the community yet. I suppose it will come.

Basil and Thyme

Have planted so far - Basil, one lonely sage plant, thyme, stevia - the very sweet plant whose leaves you can use like sugar, kale, a couple of different pak choi, golden chard, a golden purslane - yes I know you know it as a garden weed but it really makes a nice salad green if you try it. I've also got a few winter lettuces - and I think I did a mesclun mix. The lettuces should be ready in a couple of weeks as I will treat them like a cut and come again crop. Shearing them off for baby greens and letting them regrow again.

A few of the seeds on planted Sept. 28 are coming up - to the left is a shot of the baby arugula sprouts. So exciting to see the seeds sprout - to me it is always a miracle to grow plants from seed. I've never gotten over my fourth grade fascination with it. So far the sprouters are arugula, radishes, golden chard, some lettuces and mesclun mixes, spinach and the pak choi. The herb seeds always take longer I have found. You can wait for weeks before you'll see parsley seedlings. I think the basil should be sprouting soon, it is one of the few herbs I have grown which is usually a quick grower.

So I am over my buyer's remorse at spending so much money on the greenhouse plot. It seemed like an awful lot of dough for a little space. But I am certainly enjoying my time there. Now I've got to start using all my produce!

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