Friday, October 19, 2012

Planting Greenhouse Garden Bed #2

17 varieties of vegetables
Last night Vicki and I went to the greenhouse and planted up the new garden bed #58. Vicki was all tired from work and fighting an infection so I wanted to make it easy for her. We made labels out of popsicle sticks for our 17 varieties of greens and vegetables and set about planting in the bed. I am excited I think family and friends will be having a great harvest this winter.

Vicki planted the entire package of snap peas. Four rows of the delicious little fellows. We did carrots, scallions, beets, bush pickling cucumbers, radishes, kohlrabi, greens galore and five kinds of lettuces. We'll be eating well this long, cold winter.

Then I sent Vicki home to get some dinner and relax while I watered and watered the bed. It still is so dry. Beth, the greenhouse manager also pointed out to me that the greenhouse is having a few pest problems and I had noticed that something was nibbling on the pak choi but couldn't see the culprit. Beth pointed out a baby green caterpillar hidden among the foliage munching happily along. That didn't last long as I applied the squish method of control. I asked Beth if I can spray some BT - a bacterium that paralyses the gut of leaf eating caterpillars. I know she'll get back to me soon.

Aphids are also sucking the lifeblood out of the plants and a leaf miner is tunneling around on another plot's spinach plants. The greenhouse program is to try and spray proactively on Sunday night - when it is closed with Mycotrol - an insecticide and Actinovate  - a fungicide. These materials are non-toxic and I think are approved for use in organic plots.

5 varieties of lettuces
two kinds of radishes
lots of peas and carrots
Harvested a bit of the baby Kale and the arugula in my plot #51. Yum - I am determined to make myself get a taste for Kale this year and baby size it is tender and flavorful but not overpowering. The arugula - one of my favorites - is sweet and nutty - best harvested small before it gets too hot and spicy. With all the watering we've been doing, I think the veg and greens will stay nice and tender and won't get too bitter.

Wow. Whirlwind two days at the nursery and in the gardens. Looking forward to winter when I can just collapse and vegetate!

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  1. I will water at the greenhouse in the morning, as promised.
    All plans for the remainder of the day have been cancelled, I am not feeling well at all.
    Sunday I may have to cancel too, time will tell.
    Be well


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