Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Last Few Markets

Marketing season is coming to a close. Looking forward to winter when I can sleep in and curl up on the couch. The markets have been fun, meeting new people and getting first reactions to my plants and new business. I think I am growing a product that no one else sells with the small starter perennials and groundcovers. I like to think my price point is reasonable and hopefully I'll get full price for them next spring. Pam and Vicki my grower helpers have been getting faster and more experienced with potting and transplanting, so labor costs per pot is going down.

The last market I'll be going to is the Armada flea market on Sunday, October 14th. I've been telling everyone that they can plant until the 15th so I suppose I really shouldn't be selling beyond that. Starting November 1st I'll be setting up at the Oakland County Flea Market on Sundays - selling bulbs, houseplants, homemade beaded jewelry, my brother's paintings and dried flowers and wreaths. The foot traffic is pretty slow at the flea market so I hope I can count on some of my regulars to come out. By the way - thanks Priscilla for the beautiful peony roots. They are strong and fresh and I'll be potting them up soon.

So that's the marketing schedule for the next few weeks and after that we've got to get busy putting the nursery to bed.

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