Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marketing weekend

It's a marketing weekend. Oakland county market today and Armada flea market tomorrow. It's my last market on Saturday at Oakland county, so I hope to promote the open house and clear out a few flats. Not making any money on the plants as it is clearance time. The goal is to sell a lot of volume and move some stock so I won't have so much to pot for the winter. A few mums are starting to show some color and will probably sell, Have to go get some more change as booth rental is so steep at $43.00.

Had a good day yesterday sizing up some of the seedlings. Put forget me nots and primrose in 4" pots so they may grow a bit more this fall. May try overwintering a few 4" pots, covering them with a frost blanket. Most of the stock will get potted into one gallons and overwintered under frost blankets. Got to find a source of frost coverings and will be making a trip back up to Hortmark greenhouse suppliers for more pots and coverings before fall is over.

Will have friend Paul come down soon and he is going to build me a few wooden boxes for overwintering. I will cover the boxes with an insulating type of material. Oh my gosh winter will be upon us soon!

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