Friday, September 14, 2012

Starting Up

So I was taking care of my elderly mom. Her health gradually worsened and then she was in hospice and two weeks later she passed away. My life had been consumed taking care of her - cooking for her and my brother four days a week, making sure that she would eat,helping her out of bed when she could still get out of bed, keeping her clean and the other everyday tasks of living. When she passed away there was a big hole in my life. Not only did I miss her but I was suddenly missing a purpose for my life. So I want back to an old love - gardening. I had been a professional gardener and landscape consultant many years ago and before that I was trying to establish a small nursery. Sitting at my desk one night, I just decided. I would start up a new nursery. So I did just that. Starting June first, I set to work - digging up suppliers of everything from plants to pots and business cards. I bought benches for the backyard and ordered my first shipment of plants, and I sat back and waited. When the plants came i called up an old friend who is on social security and need the money. I asked her to work for me. So a couple of days later I went and got her and we set about potting up mums. I had ordered too many and we were hard pressed to get them all done. We did in time and I finished them up the next day. I began to did up plants in my own garden and we potted them up. I scraped out my bank account and paid my helper friend, Pam. So I had to sell a boatload of mums this late summer. I thought I could do it. Next Post: Selling at the market

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