Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Greenhouse Garden

Yesterday was my first day working on my greenhouse garden. Leased a 60 sq.ft. raised bed at the Oakland County greenhouse complex until April 15. These are community gardens 69 of them in all with different kinds of gardeners growing mostly winter vegetables. I am ambitious and I'm going to try some greenhouse tomatoes hoping to eat fresh tomatoes on Christmas day! I'll be growing Kales, lettuces, mesclun mixes, chard, golden purslane (a first for me) bush pickling cukes for fresh pickles for Chris and an assortment of other greens and vegetables. It is a new adventure for me and I'm looking forward to having a greenhouse to play in over the cold, snowy months of winter.

Went to Hortmark - a greenhouse supplier yesterday and bought pots to bump up these 4" perennials for overwintering. Today at the farmers market new friend Priscilla is supposed to bring me some peony roots which I will put into the two gallon pots. Excited to have a boatload of stock for spring sales and this year I'll be ready to get an early spring start. The drawback of the greenhouse is that I can't bring plants into it without having them quarantined. So my idea of growing some florist potted crops for winter sales is a bust. I still think I'll try to get some small houseplant starts - Bogie Lake greenhouse used to carry them - so I'll have to take a look there. I have limited space on the shelves in the kitchen that I can hold a few plants.

So we have a new winter adventure. Great to keep gardening through the cold winter months here in Michigan.

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