Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st Nursery and Garden Tour

I love this time of year. One has to walk the garden every day, as the flowers, fruits and vegetables change so rapidly. Been trying to take photos, once a week, to have a record of the 2013 garden and nursery. Here's this week's photos:

Delphiniums are blooming

Echinacea Hot Papaya just starting to show color

Lace-cap Hydrangea

Large leaves of Brunnera Jack Frost have a silvery glow that lights up this dark area

Pale Coreopsis Full Moon blooming in pots

The picture of this Hollyhock makes the bloom look enormous. Wonderful silky texture

Can't remember the species or variety of this Campanula

Bachelor Buttons leaning to get out of the flat

Even the neighbors have a few flowers

The greenhouse has filled up again

Monarda Jacob Cline. Don't like its rangy habit but I like the color of its bloom

Petite monarda - was supposed to have been Gardenview Scarlet. Not.

Blueberries are loaded.

Catmint Walker's Low

The Lily and Iris bed

Bergartten Sage looks great in pots right now.

The start of daylily season - Stella D'Oro

Promising buds of Hyperion a fragrant, clear yellow. One of my favorites.

One of the first few raspberries

The serviceberry is loaded with berries. Birds were munching on them today. Tastes a bit like blueberry.

Have harvested a few cherry tomatoes

Look what I scored at the Armada Flea Market for a buck! Will use it to look at plant pests and diseases.


  1. Margaret, the gardens look lovely. I especially like the grouping of the purple pots. That microscope looks very official. See you soon

  2. Thank you so much. Worked today planting more unique things for shade. Have a corydali that is blooming puple-pink with a yellow tip. Put it in shade, hope it multiplies!


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