Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Wealth of Lilies

The middle of July seems to be the hot time for lilies. The weather is also hot and the lilies have come on strong with all the wet days we've had this early summer. These lilies are in my brother's raised bed planted about 8-9 years ago by my late father. They are probably up to five feet tall plus another couple for the raised bed and make a stunning picture. I think they are an 'orienpet' variety - a cross between the fragrant Orientals and the colorful Asiatics.

This is another view of that large clump.

At my house, the planter bed has gone orange after the delphiniums are through with Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' and the orange Tiger Lily.

I love the spots on the tiger lily.

Close-up of Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' - what a color!

A couple of Oriental Lilies I grew in pots - have no record of the name...

Orienpet lily Montego Bay

The lacecap hydrangea has gone a mellow shade of Pinkish-lavender

Trumpet lily struggling in too much shade

A clump of Hyperion Daylilies, great budcount on this old diploid variety - has a long bloom season and is sweetly fragrant

A clump of three Orienpet lilies

The Asiatic lilies are going past but the Orienpets and Orientals are coming on strong in the lily/iris bed

An Asiatic lily I grew for the nursery.

An Oriental lily in the iris/lily bed, again am terrible with varieties - would have sworn this was a Stargazer I planted but is much more pink.

Last, a spider daylily, probably an old hybrid crossed by the late Al Goldner, a gift from friend Cathy.


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