Friday, July 19, 2013

Fertilizer Friday - Paul's Gardens

Went to Paul's gardens on Thursday to see about his progress and to go register for the Fenton Farmer's market. Took him a load of plants to use as cut flowers, last week I took him a load of veggies and flowers to cut for drying. This is the first year of the gardens and Paul wants to develop them into a viable market garden. Next week Thursday evening I'll be going - with him, hopefully, to the Fenton Farmer's Market to sell. They have a lovely and short evening market from 5-8 in downtown Fenton right in the parking lot next to the community center. Lots of interesting vendors there from maple syrup to beef, pasties, homemade items and soaps. Not a lot of produce yet and it looks like I'll be the only nursery there. Looks like a promising gig and the booth set-up fee is very reasonable.

This is the first week after planting. Paul used a tractor with a bottom plow to open up the sod and is hand turning it to remove the clumps.

The soil is a gravelly silty sand and plants dry down very fast, below is a shot of the tomato bed,.

Another shot of the young tomatoes

The little reddish plants are a 'Hopi Dye Amaranth' a very reddish selection, nice for dried flowers

That's the tour for Fertilizer Friday this week. Joining the party over at Tootsie Time 
to join blogs from around the world that show off their gardens.

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