Friday, July 26, 2013

Fertilizer Friday: The Daylilies Keep Coming

In order to join Tootsie Time with fertilizer Friday this week I am posting a bunch of photos of the nursery pots and gardens. The stars right now have to be the daylilies and the coneflowers. This beauty to the left is daylily "Blackthorne". Really a striking cream with a purple eyezone and just a hint of a picotee edge. It ages to almost white. Really unusual for my meager collection.

The markets plug on. Missed Royal Oak this morning and I just don't think I'll be able to do it this summer. The turnaround time from the evening Fenton Farmers Market is just too short. I got home from Fenton at 10pm and had to be up by 4 for Royal Oak. Not going to work. Was so whipped from last night that I didn't get up until 9, a real feat for me...

Have some really nice stock to offer customers, the load looked really fresh last night, but most people are done planting in their gardens and want to sip a tall cocktail by the pool instead. Will keep going to the markets with nursery stock until the season wraps up in October. Have a few brainstorms for some other things I can offer at the later markets, I'll let you know when they are closer to fruition. Meanwhile, I keep on putting up jams and preserves that I will sell once I get my labeling together.The labeling required for 'cottage made' goods is very specific, so for my first time out I don't want to piss off any inspectors that may happen by.

 Here is the show of photos for this week:

Another shot of daylily "Blackthorne"

Veronica 'Royal Candles' a really long-blooming performer in pots, it seems great in the gardens as well. Shade and abuse tolerant, a really good garden plant. This one needs to be deadheaded .

Kind of a bad photo but the white looks a bit luminous in its semi-shady spot. An oriental? lily, could be part trumpet. It's fragrant.

Daylily 'Lyrical Presence' - quite a soft pastel and really good substance to the large flowers.

This is the no-name daylily I posted before. Sorry for the repeat but this is the first year, I think because of the rains, it has had a good bud count. Keeps on blooming...

The vegetable garden is not to be forgotten. Certainly not as showy, but Green Zebra is a new variety for me and I am wondering when to harvest it... Keeps its green color but the flavor is supposed to be outstanding.

Nice fruit set on the paste type heirloom 'Paisano' - looking forward to drying these as they have such good meat to them.

The coneflowers keep blooming. I like how 'Hot Papaya' changes color as it matures to a deep orangey-red. The purple ones have started too. Cut some bunches that flopped over after a storm we had last week and they are still fresh in the vase.

Oh, the end of summer must be nearing as the Black-Eyed Susans or Rudbeckia have started to come on. These are in a truly neglected spot in the garden in quite a bit of shade but they still bloom. Has been really reliable in my garden.

Finally, the foliage of some plants is still their strong suit. Like this purple coral bell or Heuchera with the Japanese Banner Grass or Hakonechloa (sp?). Really nice combo of the lime green and the purple.

That's all there is for today. The garden is so wonderful though, as there are new blooms daily and new things to see every moment. Make the most of them in your garden.


  1. it feels like forever since I had time to sit and enjoy everyone's posts...I am so glad I could drop by today and see your addition to my little party! I am loving your photos!!! I especially love the one that seems to be glowing! Thank you so much for linking into my little party this week...I appreciate and enjoy every post!
    I hope you will link in again and again!
    I am also sharing your post to the Tootsie Time Facebook page!
    Have a great week!

    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


  2. Tomatoes and Daylilies -- midsummer couldn't get any better!

  3. Love your daylily pics. The orange Echinacea is also lovely. I've tried a few of the newer doubles etc. but not had much luck, they don''t seem to winter well here even though they say they are zonal:) Lynne for Sensible Gardening and LIving


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