Friday, July 12, 2013

Garden Visits

One thing nice about gardeners is that they are usually eager to show off their handiwork. This week I had the pleasure and the privilege of seeing two beautiful gardens.
one of Robin's daylilies

The first, on Monday, was a member of the Pontiac Garden Club's garden. They have a nice tradition of meeting at member's homes throughout the summer for get-togethers and a lot of good food and garden talk. I was invited, as a new member, and had a lovely time. We toured the garden between raindrops. Lots of interesting niches, a fairy garden, a running river into a pond, a small vegetable garden with enormous zucchini and a lovely sort of staged hill garden spilling into the backyard. I was definitely inspired. Sorry didn't get any decent photos as the rain was too thick and it was getting late in the day. But, suffice to say, it was a lovely evening to share with fellow gardeners.

Today, I visited a customer of mine's garden. She is not only a customer but becoming a nice friend, living just down the road. She showed off her lovely daylily collection - her mom was a daylily judge and hybridizer. She has a marvelous veg garden in the front yard (Kudos to Sylvan Lake for allowing gardens - take that Waterford!). She also has some great pots with Jasmine, Plumbago - the tender kind and a large Brugmansia - which is extremely showy and fragrant.

growing cabbage interplanted with peas and garlic

Robin and some of her daylilies

Young Brugmansia - has huge trumpet-shaped flowers

fragrant lilies, bee balm and coydalis lutea
Flowers and veggies coexist

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