Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fertilizer Friday: Update on the Vegetable Gardens

Joining Tootsie Time for another round of fertilizer Friday - a blog where readers from around the world post pictures of their flowers and gardens. This week takes us to Vicki's plots in the vegetable beds and the greenhouse. Will show you the goods and the bads, since I think gardening is all about successes and learning from one's failures. After all how can one improve results if one doesn't look back upon how better to do something.

This is what we call bed one, filled with pretty healthy tomatoes, mostly heirlooms. The stakes are four feet tall to give you an idea of their height.

Bed Two and the "for free" bench. More tomatoes with some recently planted radishes.

This is bed three - was all greens, but most of that had bolted and was just taken out. Has been resown for a second lettuce harvest. The green in the lower right is some kale that has been nipped by Mr. Bunny.

Probably the fullest bed, bed four - the herb bed. Mixed varieties of herbs and some shallots.

More greens and the eaten-off beans that need to be pulled. The bottom two plants are wild Arugula and Shallots. Going to replant peas but I'm going to douse the sprouts with cayenne pepper to deter the rabbit.

The last bed and probably the shadiest - also eaten by Bugs Bunny. Cukes, melon and zucchini and interplanted with some greens.

Nigella or Love-in-a-Mist, haven't gotten it out of the flat tray and is showing it's neat seed pods. First year growing this, I think I'll get this up to Paul next year for dried and cut flower sales.

Has anyone out there had experience growing the huckleberry or Wonderberry? This is our first year and we should start harvesting for sauces and jam.

White Gerbera on the 'for'free' bench.

Our mascot, Mr. Sage... Going to harvest some of the tops for dried sage leaves.

A view of the greenhouse. Need to fix up the benches on the right, so we can add some potted tomatoes and curcurbits for fall.

A view of the totem garden, have to dig the black raspberry canes, we have them all over!

Close-up of the Brunnera 'Jack Frost' leaves, pretty and as bright as any garden flower in the shade, I think.

Finally a view of Mr. Sunshine's garden. The creeping veronica is filling in nicely.

Pam is back and healthy again. We spent the day yesterday, my day off, laughing and having a great time. Pam even went out and rode Skipper and trotted on her own. She did a great job! Had dinner at a new restaurant - Arts Family Dining, which has original art on the walls in a kind of gallery show. Great food, good fun and enjoying the summer.

Thanks for stopping by for the tour today!

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