Monday, August 5, 2013

Confessions of a Lunatic

Yes, I am a lunatic. I admit it. I have gardened with the moon for years. I don't have any pictures of blooms for this post as the plants are in their resting period coming on new moon. New moon is tomorrow.

Yes, plants definitely have cycles that tend to match the phases of the moon. Right now as we experience the darkness of the new moon, plants tend to slow down and meditate on their next move. Many buds have formed at this time but they are waiting until the next phase or the lightening of the moon to start to bloom. New moon is a good time to weed, clean up the garden and one can prune to encourage new growth.

The next phase are the first two quarters then the moon turns full. First quarter is a good time to plant longer-germinating seeds. As the moon gains in brightness, plants tend to increase their top growth - time to harvest flowers and herbs.

As the moon comes on full, I like to plant shorter germinating seeds. Around full moon they fairly jump out of the ground. Top and root growth tend to become balanced. It is also a great time to transplant as the next two phases emphasize root growth.

And the cycle renews itself with the plant concentrating on building its root system during the darkening phases of the moon. I haven't included all the subtleties of this method of gardening and apparently within each day their is a prime time to do certain things. The Old Farmer's Almanac is great for which day you should do what. But, quite honestly, I find that sometimes following these natural rhythms can be a bit daunting.

Finally, the best time to work in the garden - Is when you are ready to do it! But taking into account the natural cycles of nature can help enhance your plants growth. The bottom line is that you should enjoy your time in the garden.

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