Saturday, August 17, 2013

Highlights of the August Garden

The picture in the planter bed keeps changing. The second bloom on the Delphinium is taking its sweet time to color up. Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' is on its second bloom too. 

Flowering tobacco or Nicotiana 'Fragrant Delight', has large white blooms with a powerful evening fragrance. Grew it from its teeny, tiny seed this spring and have it dotted here and there in the gardens.

The container herb plants are doing well. To the left is the Citronella plant - really a powerfully fragrant scented geranium. Will be making cuttings of this.

The buds of Hibiscus 'Jazzberry Jam' are promising. The one I planted into the gardens is just showing its first color.

Even the weeds are looking good. This is a phlox which just seeded itself into this large container. Have no idea where it came from...the container was home to a tomato last year.

Cat Jo-Jo and pup Griffin enjoy spending the evenings with me on the patio. The cat, normally a house-dweller, begs to go outside starting around 3 in the afternoon.

My latest creation, a solar night light made from a mason jar. The bright green stones glow in the dark. Have been offering them at market but no takers yet.

Close-up of coneflower 'Hot Papaya' - she sure has a brilliant color.

First time growing Phlox 'David' - really nice, large flower heads and has been mildew resistant for me.

A visitor to a pot of basil.

The tomatoes are abundant but most are still green. The peaches have come to market and I plan on getting a bunch to put up and make into jam. The jams at market have been fairly successful but blueberry has been the big hit. Got to get another flat and put up a batch. Canning is getting easier for me and it doesn't seem like such a big chore if I do it in relatively small batches. Been drying fruits and some herbs in the dehydrator. The more food I put up fresh now, the better I'll eat in the winter!

Will be joining Tootsie Time for her Fertilizer Friday party of gardens and gardeners around the world. Check out her link.

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