Saturday, August 31, 2013

Marketing Update

Bulbs at market

An array of houseplants
The outdoor season is making its last final push for the next eight weeks. Fall is a great time to plant as the soil is warm but the days are cooler and that promotes quick establishment of the plants. The nursery will have mums, asters and a full complement of perennial and biennial plants for fall planting. Hope to go out and get some bulbs for sale at these later markets but I am trying to get the price down to a dull roar.

The houseplant stock is doing well and I have been starting to bring a few to market. Hope to also be forcing some bulbs for holiday sales - plants like paperwhites and amaryllis. I currently have spider plant, miniature cyclamen and foliage houseplants like pothos and philodendron.
Paperwhites in jars

Have switched up going to market. I'll be at the Fenton Farmers Market for the next two Thursday evenings in September. Have been going to the Romeo Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9-2 right in downtown at the Village Park and I will still be going to the Armada Flea Market on Sunday mornings from now through the end of October, weather permitting. After that I'll probably try and catch up on a couple Saturdays at the Oakland County Farmers Market in November, if they have any space and may be bringing some greens and wreaths along with the holiday plants. Whew - can't believe we are reaching the final quarter of 2013, it seems like it has gone by in a flash!

The open house last Saturday was attended by few, but we had some great food and a good time. Winners of the prize drawing are: 3rd prize and a jar of preserves - Jim Fenner, 2nd prize and a set of two solar lights - Jackie Midtgard, and our grand prize winner of the $50.00 shopping spree - Sue Santel-Fenner. Congratulations to all the winners - glad you came.

I hope to have one more open house - a nursery clearance and fall plant sale, probably in mid-October. Right now I am taking a chance to catch my breath and gear up for clearing and cleaning out the nursery and switching to greenhouse season.

Still hope to get a bed at the community gardens greenhouses, trying to scare up the money for it. May not be able to start one until October.

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