Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall is arriving

September appears on the calendar and it seems like fall makes an appearance as well. Even though we still have a few weeks before the autumnal equinox, the weather has turned cool and crisp in the mornings and the humidity seems to have gone as well. Fall is probably my favorite time of year - not just because of those oh-so-cozy plaid shirts, pumpkins and apples you see in all the ads, and it is not only a perfect time to ride the horse - no heat, no bugs - but it is the perfect time to work in the garden. Plants take to transplanting much better in the fall than spring in my opinion, the air is cool but the soil is still warm and there is plenty of time for good root growth to make healthy plants next year.

I think the last of the season flowers are some of my favorites. This is Hosta 'Royal Standard', a plain, kelly green variety but with oh-so-fragrant flowers that make great cuts.

Plumbago is a real performer as well with its lovely cobalt-blue flowers and the foliage turns a glorious red-maroon in the later fall.

I've come late to discovering the Japanese Anemones, but I love them. This is a variety I grew in the nursery last year - its name escapes me now.

Japanese Anemone 'Honorine Joubert' is a stately 3' tall with clear white blooms that seem to go until frost.

Anemone 'Robustissima' is smaller but as aggressive if not more so as a spreader. I suggest you give the Anemones plenty of room or do as I do - grow them lean and kind of dry.

An aster in the nursery billed as Blue Star I believe. The asters are great for their cool color spectrum this time of year - a nice relief to all the bronze and gold of the mums.

First year growing this one - Helenium 'Red Jewel' - someone asked for it last year and, naturally, hasn't returned, but it is a nice plant for a prairie effect or for the back of the border for late summer color.

The tomatoes soldier on, but this one, Paisano, supposed to be an heirloom, has succumbed to wilt I believe. Not so keen on it - lots of flesh but very dry. Was going to can a bunch of romas, but this one makes me rethink that strategy.

Cherry tomato sungold seems to have the wilt too. I don't think I missed too many waterings... This plant sure is prolific - I can't keep up with it.

I think this broccoli is DeCicco, small heads but some off shoots. Broccoli takes up so much space in my little garden, I think I'll buy it at the market.

And, finally, the nicotiana 'Fragrant Delight' just gets bigger and better. 3' stalks with heavenly-smelling pure white flowers. Really lovely at sunset.

That's the early September garden tour this week. In the meantime, while I am contemplating changes to the fall garden, I keep on canning and putting food up. Going to eat well this winter!

Joining Tootsie Time for her Fertilizer Friday roundup of gardens around the world. Check her blog out, it's always lots of fun.

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  1. Lovely flowers. Your tomatoes fared about like mine, sigh.

    My Royal Standard Hosta is the only one to survive here and it has not bloomed. I am turning to Gingers which grow better in hot and humid.


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