Thursday, June 27, 2013

AJ - our newest employee

Due to illness, have lost a couple of good people who were helping me out. But the Lord works in mysterious ways and I've come to know my newest helper - AJ. Young, strong and uncomplaining, AJ sets right to a project and finishes it and takes some pride in what he's doing. Since I only get help one day a week, he's only worked twice so far, but I am impressed and hoping he'll be with me a while.

AJ smiling after work

We potted something like 345 new plants Wednesday - Heuchera, Hellebore, Tricyrtis, Troillus - Latin may mean nothing to you but these beauties are some rarish creatures. I'll be able to offer most of them for sale in another 3-4 weeks. The seedlings from the Oakland County Greenhouse this winter are coming along nicely too. Will have lots of small pots - a few of a number of varieties of perennials, they'll be ready in a couple of weeks.

And, not to miss the season - it is time to start sowing biennial seeds for planting out in fall. Forget-me-not, Sweet William, Dame's Rocket, Hollyhock, Foxglove all need to be sown in the next few weeks so they can be planted in fall to bloom in spring. Primrose is another one I think I'll do again or get some pre-grown plugs as I love them so, but they didn't overwinter in pots.

Finally - we've GOT to get out and plant the vegetables - tomatoes, cukes, melons and peppers - all those heat-loving plants need to get into the garden PRONTO. I've just had these so far down on the priority list, but now it is time to get the garden beds planted. I've got to do my markets at Oakland County and Armada this weekend but might get to do some planting Monday.

And a friend asked - "What do you do for fun?" Tomorrow is the day for a visit to Skipper, the horse who is my mini-vacation every time I go see him. He reminds me of childhood, summer camp and sometimes, even if I don't get a ride in, it is just good to be out there. There is an apple tree with a patio table and chairs underneath and sometimes I'll have the barn all to myself. I'll take Skipper out and let him graze around the tree while I sit and have a picnic lunch. Now that's what I call living it up!

No garden tour for Fertilizer Friday. Tonight a whipped up wind and rainstorm came through and busted up tree branches everywhere. I was lucky, I just lost one delphinium, cracked off halfway up the stem. So, I wasn't able to get out and take pictures tonight. I'll post the most recent garden tour in a day or so. Trying to document the garden weekly, so I can remember what blooms when and with what. Visit Tootsie Time's blog for Fertilizer Friday and you can see gardens from around the world.

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