Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Trip to Troy

Tuesday I went hunting for soil and fertilizer and found myself at two of my favorite places - Telly's Garden Center and Uncle Luke's - both in Troy, Michigan. Telly's is such a feast for the eyes and Luke's is such a feast for the mind. Here's the photo essay...
Brugmansia in pot at Telly's - sweet fragrance

The front entry Telly's

All manner of unique plants

Succulents and a view to the nursery

Wow - look at all those succulents

Miniature Fairy Gardens

Another fairy lives here

Uncle Luke's is a haven for the organic gardener - fertilizers...I got kelp and fish

Lots of bulk seeds and fertilizers

Bird seed and pet food

Mascot kitty - an old geezer but still sweet

Bird feeders

Outdoor nursery at Luke's - vegetables and annuals at a good price

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  1. Like the pictures, Margaret. Now I know why you like these places so much. Kongsaeng


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