Sunday, June 23, 2013

Open House - A Success!

What a whirlwind day! Up at the crack of dawn making a delicious strawberry-rhubarb crisp, loading all the food and stuff in the van, putting up signs and decorating tables and finally welcoming a great group of gardeners to Vicki Peterson's home. The food was a hit and quite a few people went home with some nice and inexpensive plants. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of all the smiling folks but I was too busy talking plants and stuffing my face with food. All in all, a great, if exhausting day.

The heat is on now and I spent the evening sitting out on the patio as the house was too hot and I am nursing a sunburn. Sat listening to the fountain and enjoying the growing flowers in the planter bed. Inspired to get up and do a photographic nursery is amazing how fast the flowers go in and out of bloom - one needs to stay on it with the camera to document the whole year.

Fountain and sweet william

Delphinium just popped into bloom

Hydrangea just beginning to bloom

Serviceberries ripening - usually the birds get these first

Cherry tomatoes on the greenhouse plants

Peachleaf bellflower and sweet william still going strong

Coral bells blooming now for three weeks or more


I love the bark and structure of this apricot tree, but it is not bearing so I think it will meet the chainsaw

Lysimachia - punctata I think

Native columbine - Aquilegia canadensis

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  1. Lucky you, red tomatoes already. Mine are still a ways off. It would help if the rain would stop and the sun came out:) Lynne from Sensible Gardening


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