Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mid-June Nursery and Garden Tour

This week's tour of the Sage Advice Nursery home and gardens...lots starting to happen out there!

Fuschia Pot - to attract hummers

The cleaned up greenhouse

Gerberas are tough to grow for me

Veronica Crater Lake blue

Sweet William with tradescantia in background

View of the tomato bed with raspberries

Another view

Poppies - folded up at the end of the day

Forgot the name of this perennial geranium

Siberian Iris fending off others in a weedy corner

Geranium maccrhorizum (sp?)

Centaurea dealbata (?)

Broccoli in full flower - oops!

Cleaned up potting area

Sweet William along front walk

I call this geranium 'Marcia's Gift' because that's what it was

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  1. Gerberas are a challenge, aren't they? They are sort of water hogs and hate their crowns covered; knowing that I still can't make them overly happy campers.

    My latest Sweet Williams have not yet decided to bloom. They will probably imitate the Gerberas and all be something other than the white I hoped for.

    Your newly cleaned GH inspires me to go out and finish what I started. I can't imagine where I'll put everything when the weather gets cool again.


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