Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Calm before the Storm

It has been pretty quiet around here greenhouse-wise. Seeded a flat of peppers and cauliflower today. The cauliflower is called "Orange Burst" and is supposed to have a very orange head. We'll see. The gardens in the greenhouse are growing well. The broad beans are flowering so it shouldn't be long before we get some beans. Took a harvest of lettuce yesterday and I'm afraid the snap peas are all done. I could limp them along a little further but I need the space for more transplant flats.

Lots of babies are ready for transplanting. Carnations, achillea, anthemis and a host of other seedlings are ready to go into the 10 count trays. But where will they go? Vicki's greenhouse is still a bit cool at night for tender stuff and my greenhouse is packed to the gills. Got to call Oakland County and see if I can get another bed for the tender stuff.

I think we'll be moving the lupines, hollyhocks and hardy herbs to Vicki's this week so we can free up some planting space. Pam was supposed to work today but called it off. The cold that hit both of us really has her down and she needs another day of rest. We'll be transplanting fools come mid-March so I need her healthy.

The plants start arriving the week of March 11th. 17 flats of 36 count are coming that week, so that means 612 plants or 61 flats need to be transplanted. The next week the Walters Gardens shipment comes and that is another 300 or so plants. Some of those are bare root so they can go outdoors, but I would like to put them in the greenhouse to give them a head start for May. Was talking to a friend on the phone just now and she said - Yup - It's your first spring doing this. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

Sorry no photos of the transplants today. Forgot the phone at home and it didn't make it to the greenhouse to snap some pics. More snow is on the way, possibly 3-5". Yuck am tired of it and ready for spring!

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