Sunday, March 10, 2013

Potting Wildflowers and other chores

Pots of Wildflowers
Seedling trays
They may not look like much now but Pam and I planted a few wildflowers today. Got them from Bluffview Nursery out of McMinnville, Tennessee. This town is notorious for having lots of nurseries that sell inferior stock at cheap prices... But, I was glad to see everything was a good size except the Trout Lilies. Never having planted Trout Lilies before, I didn't know what to expect, but I was surprised to get 50 bulbs in a small ziplock bag, each bulb no bigger than half the size of your pinky fingernail. The trilliums were a good size - I got grandiflorum - the white, luteum - the yellow and erectum - purple only 12 each, thinking about getting a few more. Got 10 each lady, hayscented and Christmas Ferns and 4 huckleberries. The sizes were adequate and the owner threw in a couple more than I I will be ordering again.

Catnip plants in 4 1/2" pots
We also went to the big Oakland County Greenhouse and potted some seedlings. The babies are getting big - did sage, shasta daisy and anthemis - don't know the common name - Golden marguerites maybe - I can look it up... Also moved a bunch of flats over to Vicki's greenhouse and it is filling up fast. This week expecting another 17 flats to pot up. Don't know where they all are going to go. I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow to get another couple sets of shelves and I think I may get two for my greenhouse. Got to pack the flats in and can't waste space.

This next Saturday I'll be going to the Oakland County Farmers Market - will be there from 8am to 2pm. Bringing herbs, houseplants and organic greens. These are some of the catnip plants we've got, also have cat grass - can't leave the pets out.

Pots of Sweet William
The pots of bulbs aren't doing much  but the pots of sweet william are greening up and starting to stretch. Unfortunately, I didn't tag every pot, so I don't know if these are the tall ones or the short ones - ahh the foibles of growing your own from seed, they don't come with tags like some of the nurseries send. We'll see what they do.

Was a lovely day today, probably our first day of spring - 58-65F today and hazy sunshine. Supposed to be mild tomorrow as well with some rain. Today was the first night of daylight savings time, so I had time to clean up "Griffin residue" and take a tour of the garden. Nothing poking up yet. In other people's blogs I see all these great pictures of bulbs and hellebores - can't wait for mine to appear!

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