Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Saturday's Market and a slow week

My produce and plants at market
Was a fair market on this last Saturday. I made double what I did the previous week - which isn't saying much, but I had great fun talking to the people and enjoying my neighbor's company. Here's a picture of my booth. This week I labelled everything and this week think I'll include the recipe for the nasturtium pesto. I tried it tonight on a bagel with some melted smoked cheddar cheese and it was delicious! Maybe if I include a recipe for them, I'll sell a few bags of nasturtium leaves.

My neighbors were nice this last week and some were the farmers, just back from a long winter off. Beautiful flowers and plants - I can only aspire to being such a great grower. I was impressed with the forced bulbs and pansy bowls and Marlene's pussy willow wreaths were a thing of beauty.
Wreaths and wheat grass

Closeup of Pussy Willow wreath

Primroses - nice price at $3.00

Pansy and Viola bowls
My produce was the big seller...only sold about two plants, so it is the bags of lettuce, spinach and parsley that are sustaining me. Don't know if I'll be going to this market on Sunday's in April - as the flea market is so slow and one spends all day there to make ten bucks.

This week is an easy one for me; no new plants coming in and Pam and I will only work on Friday transplanting at the big greenhouse. So I finally got to go out and ride Skipper on the trails today - second time out this spring. Am so glad to go out on the trails rather than go round and round in circles in the indoor arena.

Will be putting up shelves in my greenhouse tomorrow, so that means getting the shelves at ACO on sale and going to McNabb's for some more pea gravel. Home Depot didn't have a single bag of pea gravel in. Can you believe - it almost April 1st and they still don't have the building stuff up yet.

Bought a pot of wheat grass for kitty Jo-Jo at the market for a reasonable $3.00. He doesn't chew it however, he prefers my grass which I think is an oat - not really sure. So that goes that idea...but it's still nice to have a pop of green on the table since I pitched the paperwhites.

Have a great week everyone!

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