Sunday, March 17, 2013

First Market of the Season

Well, Saturday was our first market of the season and it was a dismal day - weather-wise. Icy roads and a couple inches of snow greeted me in the morning and I got a late start. Had to stop at Vicki's to get my chair that folds up and goes into the van. As soon as I got there and started to set up in the booths I had been assigned to, I realized they were filled with someone else's stuff - and that someone had failed to show up for market. So, I track down market master, Jeremy and say "What gives?" So he proceded to show me to another booth.

Meanwhile, a friend had shown up early at the market, having seen my blog on another website and wanted to see what I had. So I began to pull out my load, only to realize that I had forgotten all the produce that I had spent so long on harvesting and processing... So I helped her get a couple of my miniature cyclamens and a Norfolk Island pine and decided I had to go back home - on icy roads- and get the produce.

Finally, back at the market it was already 9:30am. I didn't miss much as we got about 10 customers, total, all day. You could shoot a cannon through the place and not hit a vendor or a customer. Half of the vendors didn't show up and it was a pretty disappointing market. But, I made the most of every customer and sold five bags of greens and the plants that my friend got. So, I came home with more than I started out with - more than I can say for some markets.

We'll do it all over again this coming Saturday and will bring lots of spinach as that was a big seller. A few of the farmers are coming back this coming week and I suspect they will be bringing Easter plants. Hope I get a few more of the cyclamen to pop before Saturday so I can show a few blooms too.

The garden is still locked in winter's icy grip. I had bet on warmer weather and that's why I had ordered the plugs for early shipping. Walter's shipment comes this week and I need to make room for another 30 flats plus 20 one gallons in the greenhouse. Will be buying some more shelves both for Vicki's house and for my greenhouse. Got to pack them full! Will be putting the 36 cell trays of greens outdoors and will probably sacrifice all the hard work Pam and I did. Oh well, it's a learning curve this year and next year I'll have a much better idea of how much space we have to use.

Dutch Crocus

Haven't seen hide nor hair of any green plants in the garden and the snow doesn't make it any more inviting. I guess I'll post a picture from years past of what spring can look like...


  1. Not much sign of Spring here in Wisconsin yet either, but it looks like we might get a little bit of a melt in the next week or so. Also, I responded to your comment on my post.

  2. Ack more snow predicted here in Michigan. The warmest it is supposed to get is 40F when our average is supposed to be 47F. Today the wind chill is 14F. Brrrr.


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