Friday, March 29, 2013

Fertilizer Friday: Honeyberry and other plants

Up in the middle of the night and felt like writing... sorry no pictures in this post as my phone camera had no juice. Finally figured out the problem - the charger got unplugged somehow. So I'll go out today and take some pictures of the nursery.

Got a few plants a week or so ago from Henry Fields Nursery. I was delighted with the price, which was 50% off of the catalog price - some spring special they were running. I don't know where I'll put them as I have very little space left in my already cram-packed back yard gardens. But, I succumbed to Honeyberry. Been reading up on this one and it is a honeysuckle that has blue berries that taste like a blueberry. They bear fruit earlier in the spring and have kind of an elongated form. They are supposed to fruit in part shade, which made me very happy since that is about all I have left in the packed garden. Growing to 6 feet or so, I figured they would be a nice addition to the yard and if I don't like the berries, I'm sure the birds will.

Also got a Clematis paniculata or fall-flowering Clematis. It advertises that it is sweetly fragrant and blooms up a storm in the later months of the season. I've seen it at a friend's house and it can get a bit rampant. I plan to put it on the new - last year - garden arch that frames the back gate. I also hope to put a Japanese honeysuckle on the other side of the arch. It has a creamy white flower that has a marvelous fragrance and it will bloom in the earlier months of the season - so I'll have both ends of the spectrum covered.

The last plant is a Meyer lemon. It looks a bit gnarly but had three tiny fruit already on it. I took off the fruit so the plant would concentrate more on rooting and growing. I'll put this one in a pot and it will overwinter in one of the greenhouses. The fragrance of a lemon flower is out of sight.

Finally, I went over to Vicki's and got the first harvest off our flats of baby lettuces and greens. Wound up with two bags and left enough of the plants in the flats that I think they'll regrow. Made a "spicy mix" with arugula and spicy mesclun, however arugula is so mild at this stage that I don't think the mix will have that much zing. Fertilized today with fish emulsion - my does that stuff have quite a smell. And traveled home with the scent on me - kitty Jo-Jo and dog, Griffin were very interested in me when I got there.

Linking this Friday with Tootsie and her fertilizer Friday party. Lots of other garden bloggers join in and you can read several other garden blogs from that site. It is kind of nice to know that others are struggling with the weather and great to see blooms from all around the world.


  1. I've known of Henry Field for more than 50 years but never ordered anything. I think I'll go look at their online site.

  2. I have never heard of Henry Field...but I do look forward to seeing photos of your purchases all healthy and growing!!!
    Thanks for linking in today...I hope you will again soon....Happy Easter friend!
    I have shared your post on the tootsie time facebook page

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