Sunday, February 10, 2013

The other members of the Sage Advice Family

Griffin on his first day
I've mentioned my friends and employees - Pam, Vicki and Paul here but I haven't devoted any space to my other family members. While I live in a tiny house in Keego Harbor, I am not alone. I share it with cat Smokin Jo-Jo, and dog, Griffin. And then there's the horse, Skipper Delight or Skipper, less formally. I have always shared my life with animals and at this age it is no exception.

Margaret and Skipper

They all have jobs and so I justify them by having them earn their keep. Jo-Jo is in charge of household vermin control - having caught a mouse or two and always on bug patrol. Griffin is guard dog and daily exercise needer. He also loves attention and demands plenty of it, so I don't have time to feel bored or lonely. Skipper provides me with motivation to sell - last year during the sales months I made enough to cover his expenses. Having a horse at another person's property is not cheap - so Skippy makes me work. He is also what I look forward to on my days off - as I get to ride him on some beautiful trails in some beautiful woods. Very centering.

Jo Jo in the jungle

Cat in a box
Margaret and Skipper
Rare peace in the household
They are all rescues of sorts - Jo -Jo was a kitten from a too big litter. Griffin was found at County Animal Control and Skipper came from a farm that had too many horses. I bought him for one dollar.
(Hey it's not the price - it's the upkeep!)
I have never sought out a breed animal or anything but mixed breeds. Even with horses - mutts tend to be a bit hardier and easier to keep.


  1. Hi Margaret, found you on blooming blogs..I also have a small nursery in southern BC, Canada. I specialize in daylilies. I would assume you are also a multi tasker!

  2. Thanks Lynne - I figure in March, April and May I will be multitasking up a storm...Skipper may not see much of me during those months!

  3. Aww, cuties all of them! Your "rare peace" photo is priceless. : )

  4. Thanks charlie! Usually it is "big time kitty wrestling" around here - not quite as bad as the WWF - but close!


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