Saturday, February 2, 2013

First potting of the year

Well I'm going ahead and trying it - I've committed to the seedlings from Wagner's and today we potted them up. It was our first potting of the year and it was a mild 48F in Vicki's greenhouse. Ordered some nice heavy beige and terra-cotta colored pots with the beige ones even having saucers that you can attach to them. Put half and half - cyclamen and gerbera in the beige pots and then we had some flimsy - and very stuck together! - terra-cotta colored pots. All are 4" so the 72 count cell seedlings should size up in them fairly quickly if I can keep the heat in the greenhouse going strong.

Pam with the newly potted seedlings

Cyclamen in 4" pots

Pots of new stuff

Garden cress sprouting in the cold

We potted a few of the plants into 6" pots and the 144 count pansies went into 36 count trays. The pansies fairly overflowed their 36 count cells but I figure I'll bump them up again into 4" pots, maybe even 6", before I sell them.

The seed flats were very dry so we watered them. I blow out the hose every time I use it, so it doesn't freeze. The bags of soil we moved in there that were frozen and still are, so I think we'll have to go to Hortmark in the next couple of weeks to get a load of soil. We've got nothing to pot for a while now except some seed trays - which don't use too much soil., but we'll be potting the seedlings from the Oakland County greenhouse before you know it.

Couldn't believe the garden cress had sprouted. Temps were going close to if not below freezing in the greenhouse - but it's a hardy little devil and has decided to emerge anyway. Have never grown the plant - am told it's kind of a peppery, green - a bit like mustard.

Hope you are handling the cold weather well. We finally are getting a bit of snow in the next five days - so maybe Pam and I will take a break from the plants and get in a bit of skiing after all.

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