Friday, February 8, 2013

Not much going on...

Felt like I wanted to write - but I don't have much to say about the plants... Have to scrap the shelves in my greenhouse. They are just too flimsy for the heaviness of the filled flats. Had a couple more collapses since the first one and I am plain fed up. Just going to pull them out and put in two sawhorses and 2x4s and I just barely have enough room for the flats. I think I'll repurpose one of the shelves in the kitchen - hope it holds up there... And put the existing kitchen wire shelf out in the greenhouse under the 2x4s. Didn't do all this today as last night we got about 4-5 inches of snow and I had to struggle to get the greenhouse door open.

Mesclun in Vicki's greenhouse today
Vicki posted on facebook a few pictures of all the greens that are coming up that we sowed two weeks ago. Record time for a cold house for many of the seeds to sprout. Haven't been to that greenhouse to check the max/min temperatures but it might be warmer in there than I thought. Of course these are all cool-season greens that we sowed - trying to produce enough green stuff to bag up and take to market as organic baby greens. It's an experiment we'll see how it goes.

My greenhouse is staying fairly warm 50F at night and even got up to 90F on one of those sunny days we had - and the outdoor temps were 30F. Had to vent the house it was so warm and leave the door open for a while. Was 60F in there today - gray day with 24F outdoor temps.

Going to the Oakland County greenhouse tomorrow to harvest greens for dinner at friends house on Sunday. Picking up Pam so we can go cross-country skiing and then we'll visit the beds. Told Pam to take a harvest too. From there we'll go to Vicki's to water all the babies. Called OC Parks and Rec today to see if the price of greenhouse beds had dropped as I would like to have another one for sowing the new seeds that came in today. No luck - they still want 90 bucks for a bed and you only have it for two months - not a deal so I think I'm going to wait until the weather warms a bit and I can do the bulk of the sowing in Vicki's greenhouse.

Got in 30 varieties of perennial seeds today. I think the sowing on them is pretty straightforward but after looking at a packet I see there are a few that I have to cold treat. Cold treatment involves sowing the seed on moist soil, placing it in a plastic bag and keeping it in the fridge for 2-8 weeks. Already have two baggies of delphiniums in the crisper but I have room for more, so tonight I am going to go over all the seed packets and see what I have to do.

This is the first week we really have no potting or sowing to do - as we are out of space in the big greenhouses, but I should enjoy the lull, as I know I'm going to be busting it come March. Hoping all my friends on the East Coast can dig out of the blizzard they are in for tonight and that my friends down south and west are enjoying warm temperatures. Heard a cardinal singing a territorial song the other day so spring can't be far behind.

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