Monday, February 25, 2013

Babies growing for market

Went to Vicki's greenhouse today and fertilized the babies with fish emulsion which has a bit of kelp in it. The bottle was filled with a thick goo instead of the liquid I thought would be in it. So I put it in the watering can and swirled it around as best I could to mix it with the water. Most of the flats have germinated well and are growing strong. A few haven't germinated at all - romaine lettuces and golden purslane - which likes it a bit warmer. The kelp is supposed to have a bit of gibberellins  which is a bit of a growth stimulant. (Don't know if I spelled that right). I fertilized a bit early - only seeing first true leaves on some of the plants, but I have made a pledge to myself to stay on top of fertilizing the crops this year. Last year some of my plants went very "hungry".

Sat in the greenhouse for a while and soaked up the heat - it was 85F in there. So I turned down the heater and vented the house a bit to bring the temperature down. These babies would prefer a temp of about 65-70F. Snow is predicted for late tomorrow.

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