Sunday, February 17, 2013

More to transplant

Seed sowing stuff
Carnation seedlings two months old

Went back to the big Oakland County greenhouse today to do some more seed sowing. I use a small hand held seeder to help me with the smaller seeds. The top comes off and you can dial it around to get a small to larger size diameter hole for the seeds to come out. I was able to get one little Viola seed in each cell. Not as much luck with the Heucheras as the seed is just barely bigger than dust. I use 4" plant labels I got on e-bay and a sharpie to mark all the flats. Sowed about 8 or so flats today plus the 11 yesterday. I now need to concentrate on sowing the vegetables after I get all the perennials in their pots.

Hollyhock seedlings
The seedlings I sowed back in December are ready for transplanting. Pam did the Lupines and a couple of herbs yesterday. The Dianthus are quick to grow in the cooler temps and the carnations are ready to go.

Italian flat-leaf parsley seedlings

The hollyhocks and parsley are big enough. Sowed two new varieties of hollyhock yesterday as they were a good seller last year. People get nostalgic about hollyhocks thinking of grandma's garden, I think. I hope I can grow what people want as no one has placed an order yet - am going on instinct - growing what people asked for last year and growing plants that I love and I think I can sell easily.

I hope you are enjoying a greenhouse or windowsill or even armchair thinking about and growing seedlings. As I've said before, a seed is a miracle waiting to happen.

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