Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maybe I have beautiful weather stupor....

For the past week we have had ideal weather. Temps in the low to mid-70s and beautiful blue sky with a few puffy clouds. It seems a bit unreal for Michigan. May has certainly come in like a lamb. Haven't posted in a while because it feels like all I'm doing is going to market and potting, nothing new or exciting. I did finish shoveling all the soil into the raised beds, so we can finally plant them up. I am dying for greens from a garden as I really haven't had any salads to speak of since the community garden closed. I have become a lettuce snob. I hate to eat anything green unless it is homegrown!

Have also been a bit out-of-sorts for the last few days. Just kind of spacey with my mind wandering and I am not in the present moment. Realized this as I drove out to the barn yesterday. Drove for miles without really seeing anything. Might be because it has been the one year anniversary of my Mom's death, been thinking about Mother's Day and how much I miss her. Brother Christopher made a sweet "altar" with a Buddhist statue of the goddess of compassion, Quon Yin, and a beautiful picture of Mom and Dad with a single daffodil from the backyard. Nice tribute to the both of them, as they both died in May.

Started going to markets in earnest last week. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Did alright but many people were saying they were not yet ready to plant. I hate to think that everyone is going to want all of their plants in the last two weeks of May and then they'll be done with the garden. It all comes in a mad rush this time of year. Eliminated the Friday Royal Oak Market...just felt I couldn't justify sitting there all day for a few bucks, even if they didn't charge booth rental.

So right now it is nose to the grindstone, catch up on potting in the nursery and hustle those plants. It all seems a bit out of reach right now, but I think things will come together in time. Not much in the way of pictures for you. Picasa isn't downloading my phone pictures automatically anymore, so I have to do it manually on my phone, which seems like too much of a hassle. Can't locate the backup, so we'll have to go pictureless this post....May you be taking lots of pictures of your gardens this spring.

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