Saturday, October 26, 2013


It seems funny this week that I didn't have a market to go to. No routine of loading and unloading the van. No set up in the dark hours of the morning. No socializing with the other vendors at the market. And I will say I'm glad - no more new produce for me to can and put up!

Did five half-pints of ketchup last night and the last jam I'll be making for a while will be the garden huckleberry that still needs to be picked at Vicki's. Jet-black berries, very tangy and will need to be sweetened if they are to be made into anything. First year for these, so we'll give it a go.

Regrouping. Been looking at lots of websites for more ideas on products I can offer at my little booth. Browsing herbs, spices, grains, nuts and thinking of doing vinegars. I did go down to the Eastern Market area in Detroit a week ago and looked at some produce houses. Interesting world, there are no prices on anything so you have to walk the floor and look at samples, take your list back to the guy at the desk and get prices, do some fast ciphering and decide what to buy. They'll go back to the cooler and get it for you. Takes some real savvy buying knowledge that I only hope to develop. Still plan on offering produce at the winter market.

The gardens look tired. Amazingly the flowering tobacco or nicotiana is still blooming. Glad I stuck it in as a late season, last thought. I'm surprised the 28F temperatures didn't do it in yet. Vicki's greenhouse needs some care and attention but did cut a couple of bouquets of mums for both of us this last week. Kind of fun, not to have to worry about blooms on the plants to sell, but just to cut them for my own enjoyment.

Paul came in last week and cut the apricot down. Don't miss it a bit as there is lots of plants along that fenceline.The blueberries, apples and the back bench of the nursery will get a lot more sun now.

Was supposed to go to Lapeer Flea Market tomorrow but am holding off. Buddy Pam can't go and I didn't want to make the long drive without a bit of company. It also helps to have another set of eyes on the market to get an opinion of it. Will go in November when the market master says they fill up with vendors from Armada.

Fall colors are getting near their prime. Think this year was a bit muddier than usual with a lot of trees staying green late and not coloring up to their full potential. We've had the sunny days and cold nights this past week so the last trees should color up fast. Went on a color tour with my brother this past week. Unfortunately the day we had scheduled, it rained, but we did get to stroll around the village of Milford and have a good time anyway.

The mums, finally!, are in full bloom. Too late for the markets. Only hoping that some may overwinter. Last year mum losses were 100 percent.

Lots of small plants left in the nursery. Can't leave them on benches for the winter, too cold. So these will all have to be moved. Lots of schlepping in my future.

My greenhouse is pretty much packed. Have just stuffed tender children in there before the frost gets them. Got to do a lot of cutting back and root cuttings.

Pineapple Sage with it's brilliant scarlet blooms. Too bad they're too late for hummingbird season.

Non-stop begonia is, as advertised, a non-stop bloomer. Loved this color so much want to see if it will overwinter.

The last thought Nicotiana. Grows to 3' or more in a better soil and keeps putting out tons of pure, white blooms fragrant in the evening. Nice accent along a path or near a patio.

The space where the apricot was... Now that big blueberry bush in the center of the photo will be able to get a better fruit set and I'll be able to get at it to pick fruit.

The morning glories are definitely done for the season. Never did what I really wanted them to but it was worth a try. Will put more of the "heavenly blue" variety on the arch next year.

One of the longest bloomers in the nursery, china pinks. Not a long-lived perennial but makes up for it by blooming its heart out all season long.

That's the news from the nursery this week. Linking to Tootsie Time this week for her "fertilizer Friday" roundup of gardens and blooms from around the world. Check it out!

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