Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The first spring open house

Getting the garden and house ready for a spring open house this Sunday. From 12-4 we'll throw the doors open and invite everyone in to see the nursery in all it's spring "glory"... Not much is blooming now, with the exception of the minor bulbs but the nursery stock is overflowing on the benches and maybe a bit of it will find some good homes this weekend.

Looking forward to some nice weather on Friday and Saturday. Saturday is our last day at the Old Winery Market which has been a nice experience for us.Hopefully the nice weather will continue into Sunday for the open house. We'll fire up the grill for the first time this spring and cook some dogs and turkey burgers. Got to get busy making some potato and fruit salad. Will be shopping for ingredients in the next day or so.

Finally the soil for the raised beds has dried out at the supplier so we're getting a delivery today. Will be shoveling with Erin this afternoon and hopefully we'll fill them up as I really don't want to tarp the soil and carry it on the driveway for any length of time. We'll be planting early next week. The lettuces are more than ready to go and we can seed a bunch of stuff. I hope to get Paul back to do some digging at Vicki's to make some garden beds along the fence, so we can grow some flowers and strawberries.

Such a fun and busy time of year... Don't really have much down time and haven't yet watched a Tigers baseball game all the way through!

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